War Memorials in Sowerby, North Yorkshire

Samuel Wood

1878 - 20th November 1916 (age 38)

Private 30381
2nd Bn. Yorkshire Regiment

Born in Leeds, Samuel Wood married Annie May Richards at Middlesbrough in 1907 and they lived at Linwood Road, Preston-on-Tees. Samuel was a commercial traveller for a company based in Stockton, while his wife was an assistant school mistress for the county council. They came to live at South Terrace, Sowerby around 1911/12 when Annie gained a teaching appointment at Thirsk non-denominational school.

Samuel enlisted under the Derby Scheme which had been brought out by Lord Derby the Director General of recruiting. Under this scheme, men between the ages of 18-40 could enlist and be placed in reserve with an obligation to come up later if called upon. This had started towards the end of 1915 when numbers of volunteers were dwindling and it appealed to married men. Samuel joined the forces on 24th June 1916. His battalion was at Bailleulval SW of Arras in France on 19th November 1916 and engaged in what was described as "usual working parties". The village was heavily shelled from 7:52pm to 9.30pm suffering casualties amounting to six killed and 14 wounded. Samuel died of wounds on the following day, and was interred at Warlincourt Halte, British Cemetery Saulty, plot 1V.B.13.

Samuel is not remembered on the Sowerby memorial. His wife had moved to Redcar, and his parents lived at Stockton-on-Tees so perhaps there was nobody left in Sowerby to remember him when the memorial was established.

Samuel Wood's gravestone at Warlincourt Halte, British Cemetery - "He Giveth His Beloved Sleep"

The information on this page was compiled by Steve Billings.

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