War Memorials in Sowerby, North Yorkshire

William Ward

24th October 1889 - 21st August 1918 (age 28)

Shoeing Smith 25536
18th (Queen Mary's Own) Hussars

The following inscription appears on a gravestone in St. Oswald's churchyard, Sowerby:

In loving memory of
John William Ward
Beloved Husband of
Rachel Ward
Of Sowerby
Who Passed Away July 27th 1922
Aged 62 Years
Also William Ward
Son Of The Above
Who Fell In Action Near Bapaume France
August 22nd 1918
Aged 28 Years
Also Rachel Widow Of The Above
John William Ward
Who Passed Away January 15th 1929
Aged 71 Years

John William Ward was a railway signalman living in Sowerby with his wife Rachel, and their three children, John Robert, Mary Elizabeth and William. Their youngest child, William was admitted to Sowerby Infants School on 18th September 1893 and he moved to the Junior School on 9th December 1895. At the time of the 1911 census, he was shown as a visitor at his parents' house and his occupation was village blacksmith, own account. William enlisted into the army as a shoeing smith at Thirsk presumably making use of his previous trade as a blacksmith, and by February 1915 he was already serving overseas. There being little value for cavalry in the static trench warfare which had developed, the 18th Hussars became a dismounted cavalry but William appears to have retained the rank of Shoeing Smith. William was killed in action on 21st August 1918, his remains were located in a battlefield grave near to the village of Courcelles Le Comte and moved to Achiet-Le-Grande, Communal Cemetery Extension, plot 111.H.4.

William Ward's grave at Achiet-Le-Grande

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