St Oswald's Church, Sowerby, Thirsk, North Yorkshire

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Incumbents since 1569

1569  John Ridsdill

1589  Jeremiah Wray

1604  John Williamson

1610  Henry Jeffery

1613  James Nicholson

1634  Peter Jackson

1639  Adam Manwaring

1660  William Morrell

1662  Thomas Blenkill

1663  Matthew Henlocke

1667  Josiah Danbeney

1669  Elias Hodgson

1676  Thomas Banks

1699  Joseph Midgley

1704  William Redhead

1742  Christopher Place

1770  Joseph Atkinson
Deacon 1764, Priest 1765 (York) Curate of Cowesby 1764
Curate of Sowerby 1770-73
RIP 15 December 1773

1773  Daniel Addison
Deacon 1754, Priest 1755 (York)
Assistant Curate of Osmotherley 1754
Schoolmaster of Yorebridge Free Grammar School, Askrigg 1757
Perpetual Curate of Thirsk 1762-83
Perpetual Curate of Sowerby 1773-83
RIP 18 June 1783

1783  Thomas Barker

1798  Edward Greenwood
Deacon 1774, Priest 1776
Curate of Leake with Nether Silton 1776
Schoolmaster of Leake with Nether Silton 1778
Assistant Curate of Over Silton 1788
Perpetual Curate of Over Silton 1792
Perpetual Curate of Sowerby 1798-21
RIP 19 November 1821

1821  William Wilkinson
Perpetual Curate of Sowerby 1821-1826

1827  William Dent
Deacon 1807, Priest 1808
Curate of Leake with Nether Silton 1810
Perpetual Curaye of Sowerby 1827

1843  Samuel Coates
Photograph of Samuel Coates
Jesus College, Cambridge, BA 1830, MA 1833
Deacon 1830, Priest 1831 (York)
Assistant Curate of Stokesley 1830-33
Perpetual Curate of Thirsk 1883-43
Vicar of Sowerby 1843-65
Prebendary of Ampleforth in York Cathedral (Canon) 1843
Rural Dean of Thirsk 1845-61
RIP at Sowerby Friday 3 May 1878, aged 70 years

1865  John Melville Guilding
Photograph of John Melville Guilding
Kings College, London
Deacon 1852, Priest 1853 (York)
Assistant Curate of Crayke, Yorks 1852-54
Assistant Curate of All Saints', Langham Place 1854-56
Government Chaplain, Bermuda 1856-63
Assistant Curate of Thirsk 1863-65
Vicar of Sowerby 1865-74
Vicar of St Lawrence, Reading 1874-98
RIP Friday 12 August 1898

1874  Lewin George Maine
Photograph of Lewin George Maine
Theol. Associate, King's College, London 1856
MA Cantuar 1866
Deacon 1856, Priest 1857 (London)
Assistant Curate of St Philip, Clerkenwall 1856-59
Assistant Curate of Stamford-in-the-Vale, Berks 1859-66
Vicar of St Lawrence, Reading, Berks 1866-74
Vicar of Sowerby 1874-97
RIP Monday 17 May 1897, aged 70 years

1897  Edward de Villars Bryans
Photograph of Edward de Villars Bryans
MA Christ's College, Cambridge
Deacon 1870, Priest 1871 (Lichfield)
Assistant Curate of St Mary, Shrewsbury 1870-5 and 1877-82
Assistant Curate of Matlock Bank, Derby 1876-7
Chaplain to Bishop Maclagan of Lichfield 1881-91 and Archbishop Maclagan of York 1891-1908
Vicar of Holy Cross (The Abbey), Shrewsbury 1882-29
Vicar of Abbots Bromley, Staffs 1889-93
Vicar of Newton-on-Ouse and Chaplain of Linton-on-Ouse 1893-97
Vicar of Sowerby 1897-1904
Rural Dean of Thirsk 1902-04
Rector of Newton Kyme, Tadcaster 1904-08
RIP 5 June 1911

1902  Charles Henry Steel
Photograph of Charles Henry Steel
MA Keeble College, Oxford
Deacom 1894, Priest 1895 (York)
Assistant Curate of St Paul, Middlesborough 1894-97
Assistant Curate of St Columba, Topcliffe 1897-98
Assistant Curate of Eston, with charge of St Matthew, Grangetown 1898-1904
Vicar of Sowerby 1904-09
Priest-in-charge of St Alban's Mission (in the Parish of St Aidan), Middlesborough 1909-16
Temporary Chaplain, Royal Navy 1916-19
Priest in charge of Coldstream and Private chaplain to the Earl of Home 1919

1910  Charles Ormerod Stewart
Photograph of Charles Ormerod Stewart
BA London 1894, St Aidan 1895
Deacon 1897, Priest 1898 (York)
Assistant Curate of St Mark, Hull 1897-1901
Assistant Curate of St Matthew, Hull 1901-07
Assistant Curate of St John, Newland, Hull and Chaplain of Hull Union 1907-10
Vicar of Sowerby 1910-18
Vicar of Holy Trinity, Bridlington 1918

1918  William J M Coombs

1924  Francis Morse Windley

1939  George David John

1945  Edward A Budgen

1954  H E R Everett

1958  John Thomas Hymas
Photograph of John Thomas Hymas

1977  Paul Wordsworth
Photograph of Paul Wordsworth
B.A (Theology) Birmingham University 1961-64
Wells Theology College 1964-66
Diploma in Ministry Lincoln Theology College / Hull University 1989-90
Deacon 1966, Priest 1967 (York)
Assistant Curate of St.Peter's, Anlaby, Hull 1966-70
Team Vicar of St. Philip's, Bilton Grange, Marfleet, Hull 1970-77
Vicar of Sowerby and Priest-in-Charge, Sessay 1977-90
Vicar of St.Thomas, York and Local Community Mission Leader 1990-2001
Founding Chair of York Arc Light - a registered Charitable Company providing accommodation and support for homeless people 1995-2011
Archbishop of York's Mission Officer and Cape Town Dioceses Link Co-ordinator for York Diocese 2001-07
Christian Giving Consultant - York Diocese 2001-
Associate Minister of St. Hilda and St. Lawrence parishes, York 2009-
Co-ordinator for York's bid to become City of Sanctuary 2011-

1990  David H Bryant
Photograph of David H Bryant
Assistant Curate of Holy Trinity, Trowbridge 1961-63
Assistant Curate of Ewell 1963-67
Vicar of Leiston with Sizewell 1967-73
Royal Naval Chaplain 1973-74
Assistant Curate of Northam 1974-75
Priest-in-Charge of Clavering with Langley and Arkesden 1975-77
Teacher of Mountview High School, Harrow 1977-85
Priest-in-Charge of Boosbeck with Moorsholm 1985-89; Vicar 1989-90
Vicar of Sowerby and Priest-in-Charge of Sessay 1990-95
Vicar of Lastingham with Appleton-le-Moors, Rosedale and Cropton 1995-99
RIP 31 May 2016, aged 79 years

1995  John H Davis
Photograph of John H Davis
BSc (Hons) Geology Durham 1976
Diploma in Theology Durham 1978
MA Theology Durham 1986
Deacon 1979, Priest 1980 (York)
Assistant Curate of Marske by the Sea 1979-82
Team Vicar of Pocklington 1982-86
Vicar of Carlton, Camblesforth and Drax 1986-95
Industrial Chaplain at Selby Industrial Mission (part time and concurrent with parochial posts) 1986-95
Vicar of Sowerby and Sessay 1995-2003
Senior Chaplain at Selby Industrial Mission 2003-11

2005  Nicola J Carnall
Photograph of Nicola J Carnall
Diploma in Theology & Ministry St John's College, Nottingham 1999-2001
Deacon 2001, Priest 2002 (Southwell & Nottingham)
Assistant Curate of St Mary, Edwinstowe 2001-05
Priest-in-Charge of St Oswald, Sowerby and St Cuthbert, Sessay 2005-12
Vicar of St Oswald, Sowerby; Rector of St Cuthbert, Sessay; Vicar of All Saints, Thirkleby with St Mary, Kilburn and St Mary, Bagby 2012-19
Vicar of Mansfield Woodhouse, Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham 2019-21

2021  David Biggs
Photograph of David Biggs
Deacon 2018, Priest 2019 (York)
Assistant Curate of St Mary, Thirsk 2018-21
Priest-in-Charge of St Oswald, Sowerby; St Cuthbert, Sessay; All Saints, Thirkleby with St Mary, Kilburn and St Mary, Bagby 2021

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